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Future challenges facing Hertford and Stortford

There are many challenges facing Hertford and Stortford. Looking ahead I see four particular issues:

  • An aging population – there are a higher than average number of pensioner only households. Fuel poverty is a big concern as many pensioners are on low incomes in dwellings with high heating costs,
  • The need for more affordable housing within sustainable communities as the local population grows as more people move here for employment and the good quality of life in East Hertfordshire. We need to ask the question ‘Where will our children live?’,
  • The impact of climate change with higher levels of rainfall in shorter periods leading to flooding (central Hertford particularly) but other areas also. Summers will become hotter and longer. This will cause problems for older and other vulnerable people not used to the heat; with a knock on impact on health and social services
  • Transport capacity as more people move away from London but continue to commute to work in the centre.