Request for a 20mph speed limit on Sele Farm Estate rejected

So we enter the Looking Glass world of Hertfordshire County Council’s Speed Management Policy where black is white, up is down and high speed is safe where people live. 

This policy is based on the belief that if cars are travelling at a high speed they will not obey signs that instruct them to travel at a lower speed. The safety of the local community is completely ignored.

For Cllr Poulton, Chair of the Highways Panel, to claim that a 20mph speed limit is unaffordable is misleading. The 20mph limit option was not costed in the survey report of traffic speed on Sele Farm Estate only the vastly more expensive 20mph zone which was not asked for. So how does Cllr Poulton know it is unaffordable?

In Portsmouth 20mph limits on residential streets cost just £333 per street to implement as bumps or other physical measures are not required. An evaluation of their scheme in 2010 showed a speed reduction of 6.3mph in streets where traffic speed was 24mph or more before the scheme was introduced – the difference between life and death should an accident occur.

Also to say that the council wants to do ‘something’ is misleading. This ‘something’ will not be until 2015 at the earliest and even then is unlikely to be related to slowing down traffic. As the current Hertford and Ware Urban Transport Plan – Stage 2 Report says, “… safety is a secondary consideration for the UTP (Urban Transport Plan).” (page 51).

The massive cut in this year’s road safety budget by more than a quarter shows the Tory County Council’s true colours. They really don’t care about our road safety.

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