A Hertfordshire that works – building a strong economy that creates jobs, grows businesses and provides a future for our young people

  •  Work with business to create a 1000 jobs in 2 years
  • Guarantee an apprenticeship, job or training place to all 16 -24 year olds
  • Create four new business incubation centres in the County
  • Work with the Local Enterprise Partnership to strengthen our existing business base and attract new investment to the County
  • Provide subsidised transport for 16 – 24 year old jobseekers
  • Introduce the Living Wage for HCC and promote it for the whole county

A Travel-friendly Hertfordshire – a transport system and strategy that enables people and businesses to move around the county more easily

  • Repair the roads and paths – fix potholes and broken paving quickly and ensure it is quick and easy to report them
  • Make bus routes work for passengers, not bus companies by devolving bus subsidy budgets to local communities
  • Improve East – West county bus routes
  • 20 mph speed limits around schools and gritting of all school routes not just those on main routes
  • Lobby for investment in our main-line railway routes
  • Introduce ‘smart-card’ travel

A Healthy Hertfordshire – defending the NHS and tackling health inequalities at district level

  • Establish and maintain a high quality Public Health function
  • A funded programme to tackle the main causes of health inequality including Smoking, obesity and lack of exercise

A Safer Hertfordshire – fighting crime and building strong communities

  • Switch the street lights back on in urban areas while a low cost/low carbon solution is found
  • Guarantee future funding for Police Community Support Officers
  • Support the Thriving Families Programme
  • Work with the Police Commissioner to establish a ‘no tolerance’ policy on anti-social behaviour
  • Tackle Domestic Abuse through a comprehensive action plan funded by all partners

A Caring Hertfordshire – practical support for children and families and high-quality council-run services for the elderly, disabled people and their carers

  • Guarantee the future of our Children’s Centres and build on their excellent early years provision.
  • Implement a Child Poverty Commission in Hertfordshire and take action on its outcomes
  • Provide the support that older people need so they can live independently as long as possible.
  • Ensure older and vulnerable adults are cared for with dignity
  • Establish Hertfordshire as a ‘Carer-friendly County’
  • Work with the NHS build better links between hospital and home for the elderly and their carers

A Local Hertfordshire –working in partnership with districts to put communities and local people at the heart of decision-making 

  • Devolve budgets and decisions as much as possible to local forums
  • Encourage young people to get involved for example by including 2 seats at County Council meetings for Herts UK Youth Parliament members and electing a County Youth Chairman
  • Use existing HCC facilities like libraries to deliver ‘front-door’ to county services for local people.
  • Work with young people to provide the services that they need locally
  • Address the long-term inequalities in educational attainment across the county
  • Ensure academy and free schools are accountable to students, parents and local communities 

A Green Hertfordshire – protect our environment and review the way we deal with our waste 

  • An immediate moratorium on building any incinerator in Herts while alternative technologies are evaluated.
  • Aim to achieve the highest level of recycling in the country
  • A county-wide programme for energy saving based on insulation and efficiency to both reduce householders fuel bills and CO2 emissions


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