Don’t forget to vote for Graham Nickson, County Councillor for Hertford St Andrews on May 2nd

If you live in the St Andrews Division (approximately half of Hertford including Sele Farm Estate, Horns Mill, Campfield Road Estate, around Queens Road and the centre of town near Bircherley Green) I hope that you will have received a leaflet from me or perhaps you will have spoken to me on the door step. I am looking for your trust and your support to vote for me on May 2nd as your county councillor.

I live near Sele Farm Estate with my partner, who is a nurse at Isabel Hospice, and our two teenage children. I am a parent governor at The Sele School.

As your County Councillor:

  • I will speak up for local people working with local Tory councillors to secure the best deal for our community,
  • I will seek to guarantee funding for the Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) who work so hard to keep our community safe,
  • Safety on the road is one of my main concerns. I support a 20mph speed limit where people live and will work to introduce it if the local community demand one,
  • I will oppose the incinerator, which the Tories want to bring into Hertfordshire, that will poison our air. I will work with the district council to improve recycling rates and so reduce the amount of material going to landfill,
  • I will take action to have the pot holes in the roads in our area fixed quicker to stop damage to our cars,
  • I will work with the Police and Crime Commissioner to fund work to tackle the evil of domestic abuse and will support a ‘no tolerance’ policy to anti-social behaviour,
  • I will lobby for cheaper travel for all 16 – 24 year olds who are looking for a job.

Thank you

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