ConDem Government policies harm hard working families in East Herts

Unnamed critics of me who write to the local Mercury newspaper will often adopt a very typical Tory approach. The will voice support for policies that make hard working families poorer and more vulnerable and then demonise them for it. Have my critics ever had to choose between eating and putting the heating on or missing a meal so a child can eat?

The money spent by the Labour Government was to stop the banking system from collapsing. It is the current Government who have nationalised this debt and are unfairly imposing cuts to pay it off instead of getting the economy moving again. The Labour Government invested significantly in the NHS, our schools, 14,000 extra police officers in England and Wales, delivered 2,200 Sure Start Centres who provide crucial support to many young families, introduced the minimum wage and many other measures to strengthen society. I am proud of this record.

I am also sorry to disappoint my critics. I work full time locally in a non-political job as does my partner who is a nurse. Our two teenage children grew up in Hertford and are prospering as a result. As well as politics I am active in CHIPS, a local charity which organises playschemes for children with special needs living in East Herts and Broxbourne. I was at the same public school as Mark Prisk MP (he was in the year above) albeit I was there on a scholarship.

It is because I love where I live, and I am fearful of the negative impact of ConDem Government on East Herts and the rest of our society, that I will continue to speak out against their economically incompetent and ideologically blinkered policies.

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