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Tory Spending Priorities in Hertfordshire

Evidence of the hypocritical nature of Tory rule and their spending priorities in Hertfordshire becomes clearer by the day. Two council chief executives are allowed to negotiate ‘staggering’ retirement payoffs at huge cost to the taxpayer – which we only discovered thanks to the Mercury – while council workers’ pay is frozen and council jobs are cut to save money.

A Tory Minister visiting Welwyn Garden City also has the brass neck to claim that spending nearly £2 million of our money in November electing a Police Commissioner will improve policing in Hertfordshire. This is rubbish.

What will improve policing is spending that money employing more Police Officers. Instead; Tory cuts mean that 63 front line police officer posts will be lost in Hertfordshire this year. These cuts will threaten Hertfordshire’s hard won reputation as somewhere safe to live.  

So let’s have no more lectures from the Tories on the need to spend wisely and save money. The people of Hertfordshire deserve better.